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With our name brands of Floriani, Jenny Haskins and Quilters Select, RNK Distributing was created for the sole purpose of providing outstanding products, education and customer service to the embroidery, quilting and sewing world of consumers. Our mission is to bring you consistent, superior quality products that perform every time you use them, give you the knowledge necessary to use those products properly and enhance the enjoyment of your hobby and/or craftsmanship.

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Floriani ... The Name That Means Beautiful Quilting & Embroidery!

"Dear Mr. Floriani, I just wanted to let you know how much I love my new embroidery software. I've also been enjoying being part of the Floriani Club. Your organization seems to be so organized and structured. I appreciate all of the free video lessons and training too. I recently purchased your software from a Floriani seminar at Carolina Sew- N- Vac here in Raleigh, NC (owners Earl and Kim Nipper). Clarrisa Gossett was the instructor and she was wonderful! This is my first embroidery software I've ever purchased or really ever wanted to purchase. Once Clarrisa presented how easy the program was and all the support you get I was sold! Thank you again for all that you and your staff do to make this the best club and software around. Your customer service and support mean a lot to the retail customer."
Nori Mitchell

Floriani POP Credits
No matter what type of project you are creating, RNK Distributing has the perfect stabilizer to ensure you achieve top-quality results. But that's not all you get when you use Floriani stabilizers. Each roll of stabilizer includes a coupon that is good for a free Floriani embroidery design. Click here to redeem your POP credit coupons!

A Touch of Magic with Every Stitch!

Jenny Haskins is known for beautiful embroidery and extraordinary quilts. Now you can enjoy the Magic Range of products packaged for Jenny and create your very own “Magic” treasures.

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Click here to download FREE quilt instructions for 'Ring A Ring A Rosie' using Jenny's 'When Dreams Flower' Fabric

Made specifically for Quilters!  

"My mission with Quilter’s Select™ is the same as it is for 'The Quilt Show' to educate, inspire, entertain, connect and grow the world quilting community in a fun, positive and interactive environment. I believe this product line will help fulfill that mission." - Alex Anderson

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