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With our name brands of Floriani, Jenny Haskins and Appli-Stitch, RNK was created for the sole purpose of providing outstanding products, education and customer service to the embroidery, quilting and sewing world of consumers.  Our mission is to bring you consistent, superior quality products that perform every time you use them, give you the knowledge necessary to use those products properly and enhance the enjoyment of your hobby and/or craftmanship.

The following customer e-mail perfectly states the Mission Statement for RNK Distributing:

I attended one of your seminars at Ann's Sew & Vac in Clinton NC..  I have to say that Debbie Homer is outstanding as an instructor and user of your products. Being a senior on a fixed income in a slow economy, I was only able to scrape together enough to purchase a very  "low-end" embroidery machine,.  However, due to what I learned regarding your products, it really made a difference in the quality of my embroidery. Kudos to you and Debbie for making my hobby much more effective and enjoyable.  Your products AND Debbie are remarkable.   I will definitely pass the word along to my sewing circles and encourage them to attend a seminar too.  

Again, thanks and God bless!
Sharon Hammond
Four Oaks, NC

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Floriani ... The Name That Means Beautiful Quilting & Embroidery!
"I never knew there was so much to learn about stabilizing - I feel like every dealer that sells Floriani needs to have a show so that they can properly educate their customers. I know in my heart that Floriani is by far the BEST Stabilizer on the market (now my customers know)."

NEW Floriani Total Control U is here! Click the videos below to see all the NEW features of our recently updated software! Be sure to visit your authorized Floriani dealer to get your FREE update! :
Walter Announces Software Updates A Quick Look at What?s New with Floriani Total Control-U The Cloud

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No matter what type of project you are creating, RNK Distributing has the perfect stabilizer to ensure you achieve top-quality results. But that's not all you get when you use Floriani stabilizers. Each roll of stabilizer includes a coupon that is good for a free Floriani embroidery design. Click here to redeem your POP credit coupons!

A Touch of Magic with Every Stitch!
Jenny Haskins is known for beautiful embroidery and extraordinary quilts. Now you can enjoy the Magic Range of products packaged for Jenny and create your very own “Magic” treasures.

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Click here to download FREE quilt instructions for 'Ring A Ring A Rosie' using Jenny's 'When Dreams Flower' Fabric

The most exciting embroidery innovation in a decade!

This revolutionary new embroidery process eliminates all cutting from your appliqué creations! Appli-Stitch is the complete solution for any embroiderer to create virtually foolproof appliqués EVERY TIME! You will LOVE the texture and dimension of this amazing new product.

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