80wt Para Cotton Poly

Quilters everywhere have fallen in love with Alex Anderson’s Quilters select line of rulers, cutting mats and battings. Now Alex is proud to add Quilters Select thread – PERFECT for hand piecing, machine quilting, embroidery and MORE!

Para-Cotton Poly This 80wt thread comes in 40 amazing colors on 400m spools and has been thermally treated to remove undesired stretchiness and shrinkage. This process reduces the shiny sheen to make the thread feel, stitch and look like mercerized cotton! GREAT for quilters, fiber artists and embroiderers.

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Customer Reviews

Review by  C B
(posted on 02/21,2017 00:27:23)
I have only tested it on embroidery, it was just a 3 inch wide donut but it was amazing. I used a white prewound bobbin and I did not see any bobbin thread on either side. It was so perfect, the machine didn't seem to have to work as hard as with the 40 weight rayon thread ( my machine made much less noise) . The way in which they chose to measure the thread on the spools and the bobbins differently: one in meters and the bobbins in yards? That is confusing for me. So for me that means a bit of homework :). Love this thread, no puckering and my ideas for embroidering on anything is exciting. Thanks for this new thread. My only suggestion is the confusion created by the method used to measure the thread. Even the employees at the sewing machine dealer don't know how to convert the method of measuring. So now comes the homework. Still so worth it, and an easy fix for you guys at Floriani...it's not the thread just the labeling. Can't believe I can use it on quilting as well. The strength must be amazing. Love this thread :)
Review by  Julie-Ann
(posted on 01/28,2017 19:31:08)
Quilted with para-cotton in top and bobbin of machine on a quilting weekend. I sewed noon on Friday until Sunday morning on ONE bobbin! Wound half a bobbin with the remainder of the spool, and put a second spool on top. Not having to change thread while piecing was amazing and increased my efficiency. And my machine was pretty clean as this product does not produce much lint. Hope you will consider making this great product in larger spools. I am sew happy!
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