Floriani Perfect Stick Cutaway

Perfect Stick Cutaway is Floriani’s solution for embellishing and embroidery on challenging fabrics such as sweater knit, stretch velour/velvet, leather, pleather, vinyl, ultra-suede and more. Use this needle-friendly, sticky cutaway to secure hard-to-hoop items within the embroidery frame.  Ideal for items or fabrics that could be damaged by the hooping process.  Floriani’s Perfect Stick Cutaway offers the absolute correct foundation for fabrics such as leather and vinyl which require the elongated fibers offered in this premium cutaway. 

  • Needle Friendly Adhesive holds most fabrics and items securely
  • Cutaway Foundation is ideal for knits and other stretch fabrics
  • Non-fibrous fabrics can be safely embellished without fear of “cutting”
  • Soft foundation feels comfortable against the skin
  • Generally supports a 12,000 stitch count – well digitized design

Directions for Use:

  • Place one sheet of Perfect Stick Cutaway within the embroidery frame with the paper side facing up.
  • Using a sharp tip such as a “T” pin, lightly score the release paper.
  • Peel the release paper to the edge of the frame which exposes the stabilizers sticky surface. 
  • Press fabric or item in place and smooth out any wrinkles.
  • If possible, use your machines baste feature for an extra secure hold. 
  • Embroider the design.  *Note - If the design is poorly digitized, large in size or overly dense, it may be necessary to float additional fiber support such as Floriani Medium Tearaway under the hoop. 
  • Once embroidery is complete, remove the item from the frame and trim the stabilizer as close as possible to the design. 
**Tip for embroidery on lycra/spandex blend knits or extremely stretchy fabrics – Before sticking the fabric to Perfect Stick Cutaway, prep the fabric by fusing one layer of Floriani No Show Nylon Mesh Fusible on the back of the fabric.  Be sure to use a piece of Mesh at least one inch larger than the embroidery design. 

This product is washer/dryer friendly but should be tested before using within your project.


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Customer Reviews

Review by  Kathi
(posted on 06/12,2019 20:57:09)
Ohhh Baby, this is my very favorite stabilizer. Partially fiber, partially water soluble. Wow for towels that you cannot hoop and are mongraming. Any open design, lettering, satin stitching. Know with confidence you can tear this away WITHOUT stressing your stitches. All hard to hoop items are now EASY.
Review by  nanny
(posted on 03/08,2015 21:16:29)
sports bags turned out great
Review by  Martie
(posted on 03/05,2015 18:42:23)
Used this product in the hoop for stitching on a leather boot. The stick was amazing and enabled me to have the support for my design, plus cutaway easily. This is the perfect product for those times you cannot hoop an item, yet need a cutaway to remain and support your stitches. No gummy needle either!
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(posted on )
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