Floriani Color Keep Topping

Floriani brings you a NEW topping to enhance embroidery when stitching contrasting color situations... Our new Color Keep Topping is ideal when stitching a dark design on light colored fabric or in an opposing situation of stitching a light colored embroidery on dark or busy colored fabrics (as pictured). The colored topping eliminates "show through" of the background fabric through the embroidery and enhances the color of the thread. This new topping also does a superb job on towels and terry cloth in keeping the pile pushed down, even through repeated launderings.

Watch Kate Zaynard, host of the Sew & Tell Podcast, tell you all about it!

Color Keep Topping gives satin stitched "wrapped" edges the solid finish you desire!

Experience our new Color Keep Topping in all 5 colors!
Black, White, Gray, Rose, Yellow

Instructions for Use:

  1. Match the Color Keep Topping to the primary thread.
  2. Hoop stabilized fabric and place the embroidery frame on the machine.
  3. Complete any movement of the hoop by centering the embroidery design.
  4. Place one generous piece of Color-Keep Topping over the area that will be stitched.
    Tip - Secure the corners of the topping with RNK Embroidery Perfection Tape!
  5. Stitch the design.
  6. Remove the remainder of the Color-Keep Topping by gently tearing it away from the perforated edges.

*If any pieces or remnants do not come away from the embroidery (satin stitch lettering for example), use the tip of our RNK Heat Craft Tool to melt the topping away.

** Note – Multiple colors of Floriani Color-Keep Topping can be used throughout the design. Simply place the topping on the surface of the fabric during each color sequence and completely remove once that color is done stitching.

Use and Care:

Launder items in cool or warm water and low drying temperature. Do not Iron.


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Review by  Gertie Taylor
(posted on 08/18,2019 03:37:45)
Love it. Embroidering on black aprons and colors are so much more vibrant. I highly recommended. Learned about it during a Floriani class at A Quilting Stituation in Ruidoso, NM
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(posted on )
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