Floriani Heat N Gone

Heat Removable Topping and Stabilizer

Heat N Gone® is a unique topping/stabilizer that is removed with the touch of a dry iron or heat press. Use on high pile and textured fabrics such as towels, knits and velvet to keep your stitching elevated and smooth. It is also ideal for fabrics that cannot withstand moisture such as delicate raw silk, pashmina and wool. Great when giving a gift and you need instant stabilizer removal! Use only on fabrics that can withstand the direct touch of an iron.

  • Clear and Easy to see through
  • Easy to remove
  • Embossed backside prevents curling and shifting
  • Perfect for fabrics that can't be wet such as velvet, wool, satin, etc.
  • Trace intricate quilt patterns onto Heat N Gone® for an easy guide when free motion quilting or thread painting.
  • Prevents loops from sneaking back through on high pile fabrics such as towels and terry cloth.

To use as a topping:

  1. Place a piece of Heat N Gone® on the surface of the hooped item, bumpy side touching the fabric, and secure the outer corners with pins or tape to prevent curling.
  2. Complete the embroidery design.
  3. Important! Tear away/remove as much of the Heat N Gone® as possible.
  4. Using a low to medium temperature, place a heated iron tip directly on top of the garment to remove the excess stabilizer.

To use as a stabilizer:

  1. Place a piece of Heat N Gone® within the hoop with the item to be embroidered. Use a piece at least one inch larger than the outer perimeter of the hoop and place the bumpy side of the stabilizer against the fabric.
  2. Embroider the design.
  3. Important! Tear away as much of the Heat N Gone® as possible.
  4. Place a heated iron directly on top of the garment to remove the excess stabilizer. Be sure the iron temp is set to low/medium.

TIPS for Successful Removal of Heat N Gone® -

**Always test stabilizer removal on a scrap of similar fabric before beginning your projects!

**To clean your iron of any residue, heat the iron to its highest temperature and move the irons surface back and forth over a wet towel firmly. Iron cleaners such as Dritz and Niagra work also.

**Stainless Steel Iron recommended for best stabilizer removal results.

**Remember to use a low to medium setting on your iron to remove the bits of Heat N Gone from around the design – a high temperature will liquefy the product and make it melt back into the stitching. 


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Customer Reviews

Review by  Olearylady
(posted on 10/12,2020 18:29:53)
This is by far the best topping I've used. The fact it's removed by heat helps keep the design raised in the nap and I don't worry about it disappearing. I do wish it was a little easier to get my hands on however.
Review by  Posies Creations
(posted on 03/21,2020 16:37:24)
Always have a hard time to remove it but I just realized using too hot of an iron. Love the product but stress to watch what your iron is set on. Low temp is recommended as I was using too high heat.
Review by  brittsgran
(posted on 11/12,2017 14:02:10)
Used the product when stitching on Minky fabric. Worked beautifully! It tore away easily and any small amounts that were left behind we removed with an iron. I love it and will use it instead of wash away stabilizer whenever I can.
Review by  Donna
(posted on 10/25,2017 11:56:38)
Since I have discovered Heat n Gone, I don't use anything else on my towels and knits. Everything stitches out so beautifully using this as a topper, and it stays this way no matter how many times you wash it. I've been using all of Floriani's stabilizers for many years and have been very happy with them, but Heat n Gone is by far the very best one!
Review by  Marsha
(posted on Dec 19, 2012)
Stitch out was beautifiul BUT, it's very difficult to get all the heat and gone, gone.


A Note from Kayly:

Thank you for your review of Floriani Heat N Gone.

Tips for removing Heat N Gone from Kayly:

1) Once the embroidery is complete, remove as much of the topping from the surface of the garment as possible.

2) Set your iron temperature to a wool setting and turn off the steam. Touch the iron directly to the surface of the fabric to remove any pieces of Heat N Gone.

3) Note - if your iron temperature is too hot, the Heat N Gone will liquefy and melt into the fibers of the fabric. It is very important to test this removal process on scraps of similar fabric and get to know your iron's temperature!

4) For more tips and help with any Floriani product write to us at kayly@RNKDistributing.com or check out our stabilizing solutions section at www.RNKDistributing.com
Review by  Patty
(posted on Sep 15, 2012)
I love Heat N Gone Topping Stablizer. I use it all the time and it's great! I don't want to wash towels I am giving as a gift so Heat N Gone is the perfect stablizer to use. I remove as much of this stablizer as I can and hit it with the Iron and its ready to go. The embroidery looks so much pretter using Heat N Gone topping. I have started to use it on everything I embroidery that I can't wash before giving as a gift or things I sell, and WOW, it really makes a difference, beautiful! Remember remove as much as possible before you press it with the iron.
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