60wt Perfect Cotton Plus

Quilters everywhere have fallen in love with Alex Anderson’s Quilters select line of rulers, cutting mats and battings. Now Alex is proud to add Quilters Select thread – PERFECT for hand piecing, machine quilting, embroidery and MORE!

Perfect Cotton – Plus

Available in 60wt ply in 60 luscious colors of 400m spools, this thread is everything both machine and hand piecers love about sewing with Egyptian Cotton thread “plus” the added strength needed for freehand machine quilting! Just one try and you will agree it is the “Perfect Cotton” Thread!

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Brand New!  2500yd spool sizes!

Perfect for Long Arm Quilting!  The Quilters Select 60wt Perfect Co􀆩on Plus threads in 2500 yard spools! This thread has drawn raves from quilters and now it is available in extra large spools!

Available in these 8 colors:
White (QST60L‐0800)
Porcelain (QST60L‐0161)
Shale (QST60L‐0731)
Sugar Cookie (QST60L‐0733)
Antique White (QST60L‐0420)
Fairy Dust (QST60L‐3761)
Nimbus (QST60L‐0482)
Black (QST60L‐0900)

60wt Perfect Cotton Plus Resources

Click here to view the Select Thread Color Chart.

Customer Reviews

Review by  Cindy
(posted on 12/12,2017 17:26:16)
I use the 80wt in my nolting and it does a beautiful stitch with out a large number of skipped stitches resulting in a beautiful finish product I am very pleased .
Review by  Sewing mom
(posted on 12/12,2017 04:31:23)
so strong with a beautiful cotton finish
Review by  sue
(posted on 06/03,2017 03:24:25)
I love these threads. They are thin, easy to work with and the final products are beautiful.
Review by  Leigh
(posted on 01/28,2017 20:48:15)
I love this new product, it far exceeds any other thread out there, I just completed a hoop sisters, and using this cotton thread to piece together was wonderful, smooth thin seams with NO bulk, only problem is finding the product, I purchased at a quilt show, and most dealers don't carry
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(posted on )
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