Ultra T High Performance Foot Set

NON-STICK! The Sew Fine Ultra T High Performance Presser Foot Set for Brother and Baby Lock includes three feet made of a more durable synthetic resin than typical non-stick feet. These feet are resistant to the scarring produced by a sewing machine’s feed system yet virtually reduces any friction between the presser foot and the top layer of fabric. This provides a smoother flow of the fabric while sewing greatly improving stitch quality and fabric control. Improved stitch quality and performance varies based on machine model.

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Embroider, Quilt, Create


This Italian name has become well known among home embroiderers nationwide over the past decade! The late Walter Floriani Jr. was dedicated to educating the masses about digitizing and machine embroidery, and his influence will long be an integral part of the home embroidery industry. The Floriani name has stood for beautiful embroidery for decades, and RNK Distributing had years of experience in selling some of the first embroidery machines that were introduced to the home market. Adopting the Floriani name for their product line was only natural!

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Quilters Select

Developed in partnership with Alex Anderson, the Quilters Select product line was designed with the quilter in mind. Our flagship products include a nonslip ambidextrous ruler design, weighted rotary cutters with magnetic blade replacement and double sided mats with both light and dark sides.

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RNK Distributing has strived from its inception, to bring thoughtful, useful, and class leading products to the consumer. From game changing stabilizers to our 360 color wheel of threads, RNK products have lead the way. Our RNK and Embellish product lines are no different. These product lines bring high quality quilting and embroidery products to independent retailers across the country.

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On The Blog

August 28 2023

Halloween Mug Rug

Hi, I’m Susan from Sewfeet.com and I’ve just started my holiday sewing. From Halloween to New Year’s Day, there are lots of opportunities to sew, making costumes, seasonal home décor items, and gifts for friends and family. My first holiday project is for Halloween, a simple hexagon mug rug made of triangles. Quilters Select 60 […]

August 21 2023

6 Tips to Sew Beautiful Decorative Stitches

Today’s sewing machines have hundreds of wonderful decorative stitches and I love them! Hi, I’m Susan with sewfeet.com and this post is about how to make sure that you get the best-looking decorative stitches from your sewing machine. These stitches can be used to enhance almost any type of project that you are making. Garments, […]

August 14 2023

Fuse and Piece Quilt Block

Hi, I’m Susan from Sewfeet.com and recently I wrote a post on several types of interlinings that add support and body to your fabric for various applications. In this post, I’m going to focus on one of the interlinings, Select Fabric Prep, and show you another use for it. You can piece this 8” block […]