Pins & Needles – Full Event!

Trevor Conquergood of Saskatoon, Canada, is considered one of the true embroidery masters of our time. With over 40 years of experience, Trevor has learned and taught almost every brand of embroidery software. Join Trevor at Pins and Needles for three exciting events to level up your embroidery and software skills! Get all three days for only $179.99!

Save Your Embroidery: Trevor will share hints, tips, and tricks from his extensive embroidery experience. He’ll discuss behind-the-scenes secrets for stitching professional quality embroidery projects, including the top secret SAVE2SEW. PLUS, you’ll receive a FREE gift with a value of $1399.99! Lunch included.

Patches & Postcards: Trevor will demonstrate how he creates items like patches and postcards, all using an embroidery machine. As an added bonus, you’ll get to watch the items stitch out and bring one home. All while learning how to choose stabilizers, pick the right materials, digitize it properly and more. Make sure to bring your machine!

Software Saturday: This session covers various types of applique stitches and delves into layered appliques, allowing for easy removal of underlapping layers. Discover fascinating techniques from Floriani, such as the fuzzy fill and puffy foam, and create Academy-style letters as well as spirograph embroidery patterns. Lunch included.

Call Pins & Needles at 440-243-6400 or sign up online at https://classes.pinsandneedles.com/module/class/547141/trevor-conquergood-with-floriani–all-3-days


May 30 2024 - Jun 01 2024


9:00 am - 5:00 pm