Stitch N Shape

Use for adding shape, form and/or dimension to tote bags, placemats, fabric bowls/boxes, hat brims, ornaments, paper dolls and more. This remarkable product will hold its shape after it is inserted between two layers of fabric. You can stitch or embroider directly through it. Items constructed with Stitch N Shape® can be laundered and then reshaped by steaming. Create unique picture frame mats by painting, stitching or embellishing directly on it.

*To fuse fabric to Stitch N Shape®:

  1. Begin by laying a heat resistant product such as a Teflon pressing sheet or parchment paper on your ironing board.
  2. Place decorative fabric on top of the Stitch N Shape® (wrong side to the fusible side) and press it in place using a small amount of steam and a medium temperature on your iron. Remember to press, don't "iron"!
    *Tip - Since you are using steam to set the bond between the fabric and the Stitch N Shape®, it is necessary to pre-shrink your fabric for optimal results.
  3. Begin construction of your project, with both fabrics permanently fused in place! Remember to stitch slowly for the best results. If doing embroidery, set your machine speed to 600 stitches per minute or less.


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Customer Reviews

Review by  Katherine
(posted on 06/05,2014 14:09:19)
I'm new to machine embroidery so sometimes I make mistakes. I used Stich N Shape to make a 3x3 Sleeping Beauty design for my granddaughter. When my machine said "Bobbin Thread Low" I changed the bobbin and only then did I realize that I had forgotten to put 60 wt. bobbin thread in the machine before stitching. The majority of the design was stitched out using regular old poly cotton thread, probably 40 wt., in the bobbin. The design stitched out so well that I had no idea that the bobbin thread was wrong. Stich N Shape saved the day by holding all that heavy stitching and saved me ruining my project.
Review by  mantisfly
(posted on Oct 31, 2011)
This product is just great. It's a good price, so easy to fuse to the fabric, holds it's shape beautifully, is nice and firm, easy to stitch through. I cannot praise this product enough. So pleased, thank you Floriani!
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(posted on )
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