Thread Carrier Box

Whether you’re traveling to a class or a retreat or if you just want to keep your favorite threads handy for anytime you’re on the move, RNK Distributing is now offering a handy thread carrier.

RNK Thread Box

 This sturdy plastic storage case accommodates up to 30 cones of thread and has two locking drawers to ensure that they don’t slide open in transit and spill their contents. Each drawer comes with a removable spool spindle tray to make it easy to slide a cone over the spindle and hold it securely in place.

Once you’re ready to sew, the thread spindle tray can be removed from the drawer to make it easy to get to whichever color of thread you need. A carrying handle also makes it easy to transport.

Because the carrier is stackable, it’s ideal for at home storage to keep cones away from dust, dirt, or other contaminants.


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Customer Reviews

Review by  SML
(posted on 07/13,2022 11:57:28)
Love my thread boxes!
Review by  Tim W.
(posted on 01/20,2016 08:48:12)
These are great not only do they stack, but they can be locked together. I have 6 of these I lock them in pairs so I can easily carry 60 colors to events.
Review by  Zenita
(posted on 09/01,2015 10:30:55)
I love your thread boxes I need some more of them.
Review by  quiltnut4ever
(posted on Nov 19, 2013)
Love these boxes!!! I bought four of them and may need more since I plan on buying more thread during xmas time! They stack well and I labeled each box with the color scheme, i.e., blues. Love them!
Review by  Sew Fun
(posted on Jul 16, 2013)
I love my thread boxes! I just wish I would find more of them. They are great for travel and keep my thread very organized! Please let us know how to get more of them!


Thank you for your comments about our Thread Storage Box - the boxes can be purchased from authorized Floriani dealers. To find a dealer near you please visit our dealer locator tab
Review by  FlorI
(posted on Jul 02, 2013)
I love my thread boxes ... so easy to find the correct thread -- I have a color family in each box.
Review by  Valerie
(posted on Sep 18, 2012)
I loves these boxes. I bought 4 and am planning to get 4 more. I think I have a thread addiction.
Review by  Harvey@Sew Right
(posted on Jul 27, 2012)
Love the new thread boxes!! Finally a great thread box for your wonderful thread! Selling 3 at a time to our customers and they love them the minute they open the spring loaded lock on the door.
Worth the wait.
Thanks again RNK!!
Harvey at Sew Right Sewing Machines
Bayside, Queens, NY
Review by  Brennie
(posted on Jul 12, 2012)
I absolutely LOVE the ones I received as part of a spring special deal. I'd like to obtain several more of them but haven't been able to find out how to purchase or what the cost is.


A Note from Kayly: Thanks for your comment! Floriani's new deluxe thread storage box retails for $29.99 and can be purchased at your authorized Floriani dealer.
Review by  Love of sewing
(posted on Jul 05, 2012)
Love these boxes! They are stackable and if moving them around and they tip over the locks on the drawers stops the thread from spilling. Wish we could buy them online easier right now! I have thread that needs a home and no where to put them. :(
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(posted on )
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