Precision Turning Tool

RNK Precision Turning Tool

Use this unique all metal tool as the perfect point turner for home dec and general sewing applications. The generous round ball located at the end prevents the tool from “poking” through the seam.

This “round ball tip” makes a great seam press when turning the item inside out. Simply, run the tool along the seam while giving a good press - no more having to pull the seam out with a pin!

Another great application is to use the tool as a “fabric safe” stiletto - place behind the presser foot to “gather” fabrics, use to smooth out bias tape or any other fabric/trim you are sewing to keep your fingers safe from the needle!


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Customer Reviews

Review by  polgun
(posted on 08/29,2020 19:14:33)
I used this tool while visiting a friend and I loved it! What makes it so special is the little ball at the end which doesn't poke through the fabric. I also liked the longer handle. looking to buy one for myself.
Review by  Candy
(posted on 08/24,2020 17:48:11)
Best turning tool ever
Review by  Yo
(posted on 03/16,2020 15:31:40)
Love this tool. I can't live without it. It is my new best friend.
Review by  Filesitter54
(posted on 02/26,2019 20:26:04)
Best tool for the job!
Review by  Verna
(posted on 01/02,2018 04:27:26)
The turning tool is one of the best tools I have ever purchased and used. It works great. I use it on many items I need to get the corners turned out good. Fantastic--love it!!
Review by  Judy Cooper
(posted on 03/18,2017 19:54:08)
Just received this tool. I absolutely love, love, love it!!! It does exactly what it is described to do. I have several small bags that I needed to turn and push out the corners. I have struggle with them because my fabric is stiff. I couldn't wait to try the Precision Turning Tool. It works like a charm. High recommend it!!!
Review by  Sharon Del-Bono
(posted on 08/10,2016 15:28:47)
Very useful tool love it!
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