RNK Stitch Perfection Tape

RNK Stitch Perfection Tape- NEW AND IMPROVED

NOW WATER SOLUBLE!! Use this ultra-light, double-side sticky AND water soluble tape from RNK for multiple tasks and projects in your sewing and craft room. The needle-friendly adhesive will hold fabrics and more in place while you embellish or stitch and eliminates pinning completely! Ideal for adding binding to projects, holds zippers, ribbons and trims in place for scrap booking or home dec

Stitch Perfection Tape


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Customer Reviews

Review by  Lisaloowilli
(posted on 02/27,2023 00:41:42)
Just used it to Machine sew my binding on a pretty large quilt. I sew my binding to back then fold over to and sew. I used this under the binding after I turned it to the front. It worked like magic! No pins or clips needed! I don't think I'll ever be able to sew binding on without this, now that I've found it.
Review by  Roxie
(posted on 08/26,2022 15:30:58)
Better than any other product on the market for holding items in place without pins I love this product especially when making bag straps and putting in zippers. LOVE!!
Review by  Erin
(posted on 10/12,2019 00:43:29)
I was desperate to get the binding on a quilt. Someone told me to glue my binding down, so I was looking for a water soluable glue and found stitch perfection tape in my sewing drawer. I forgot I had it! I hated the idea of putting glue on fabric, I heard it leaves spots. So I read the box of the Stitch Perfection Tape again and thought, I'm going to try this. It was incredibly easy to use, and my binding looks fantastic. I sewed it on with my machine, and it's even and straight and took me half the time. I'm going to show stuff this to my Quilt Guild.
Review by  BooGail
(posted on 01/19,2019 15:53:17)
Love this tape!! Very useful - Wish my Dealer would have in stock more often ????
Review by  LAPRSewer
(posted on 04/20,2017 18:50:00)
I just finished working on a placemat project that required setting 12 pieces of gross grain ribbon on each placemat. The instructions called for a different brand, so I started with that. However, when I ran out of that I pulled Stitch Perfection Tape out of my supplies and continued the process with this instead. I had purchased this at a Floriani show a few months ago, but hadn't tried it yet. What a difference!! The other brand didn't stitch to the ribbon well and kept shifting. It was difficult to get the paper off and also had to be ironed on once set in place. The RNK Perfection Tape stuck well as soon as I placed it on the ribbon. The paper came off easily and no ironing was required. I took the pieces straight to my sewing machine and everything stayed perfectly in place. This is the only fabric tape I will buy now on.
Review by  SweetAline
(posted on 08/21,2016 13:40:54)
I love this new tape! My first use was to hold the hoop in place when embroidering a logo on a shirt. Some of the 'residue' was left on the white shirt. But after I washed it, it disappeared. In another class, I used it to hold a zipper in a tricky part of a wallet! One of the students used the 'other' brand and when she saw how easy it was to remove the paper , she purchased the RNK brand and threw hers in the trash. You do not get these types of results with the 'other' brand!
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