RNK Wash It Away Thread

Water soluble thread for basting, quilting, fringe, and more! Here’s all the ways this 500m spool can help your favorite hobby

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  • Create fringe in your embroidery!
  • Use to baste “layers” together for embroidery. For projects like a lined garment or jacket, once layers are basted, it can then be stuck down or hooped!
  • Baste down a project to a stabilizer that is uneven or could catch on the presser foot. It can then be stuck down or hooped for embellishment or embroidery!
  • Quilting! Can be used to baste all layers together in your quilt instead of pinning.
  • Use for basting corners or unruly areas of binding!
  • Hold hems, zippers and trims in place until they are actually sewn.

Then just wash it away! No need to cut out excess threads!


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