Sew Fab Foam

Single Side Fusible, Fabric Lined Foam

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Sew-Fab-Foam® is a very soft, fabric lined foam stabilizer.  This unique product is coated on one side with a fusible adhesive for bonding your favorite fabric in place, eliminating pins!  Sew Fab-Foam® consists of one layer of pliable, sew-friendly foam which is sandwiched between two beautiful layers of soft, natural colored tricot fabric.  You will find Sew Fab-Foam® is very easy to stitch through on most makes and models of embroidery or sewing machines and will add elegant shape and body for your next “padded” project!

Ideas and projects for Sew Fab-Foam:

  • E-Reader or iPad protective cover/case
  • Computer protective cover/case
  • Handbags and Purses
  • Camera Case
  • Baby Car Seat or Shopping Cart Liner
  • Eyeglass Case
  • Lunch Totes
  • Basket Liner
  • Diaper Bag
  • Placemats/Table-runners
  • Cup/Can/Bottle Koozie
  • Casserole Carriers

Sew-Fab-Foam® is Sew Much Fun!  Give your next “padded project” the body and shape it deserves with this foam-tastic new product from RNK Distributing!

  • Natural Color
  • Easy to embellish, sew and shape
  • Light stability and lasting body
  • Gives a professional look to your bags and other projects
  • Single Side Fusible coating eliminates pinning and makes for easier handling/embellishing
  • Machine wash warm on gentle cycle, tumble dry low or dry clean

Directions for Use:

  1. Cut Sew-Fab-Foam® to the desired size.
  2. Place the shiny fusible side of Sew-Fab-Foam® to the wrong side of fabric.
  3. Working from the fabric side, cover with a damp press cloth.
  4. Set the iron to a Wool/Steam setting – hold pressure to the damp press cloth for a minimum of 5 seconds.
    Repeat until all fabric and foam are fused.

*Important Tips –

  1. ALWAYS test your fabric and Sew-Fab-Foam to make sure it is compatible.
  2. It is recommended to pre-wash all fabrics to remove any sizing that might interfere with the fusible coating.  Do not use fabric softener when pre-washing your fabric to ensure the very best bond.
  3. All irons heat differently – The temp given above is a starting point, if you are not achieving a good bond, it may be necessary to slightly increase the iron temp or hold pressure for a bit longer.  Test First!



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